Thermo Fisher AGM Twitter Storm - Add Your Message

China's stealing DNA from Tibetans, including from children as young as five-years-old - a truly sinister attack on the Tibetan people. And Thermo Fisher, a billion-dollar global company,  is supporting China in this attack!

Thermo Fisher is profiteering off Tibet’s occupation by supplying its DNA kits to China’s police forces, who are building a sweeping genetic database, giving the Chinese government unprecedented power to monitor Tibetans, violate their privacy, and persecute them.

We need your help to make Thermo Fisher take immediate action!

It’s Thermo Fisher’s Annual General Meeting on 24 May. Write a message to Marc Casper, CEO, Thermo Fisher urging him to halt the supply chain of Thermo Fisher DNA Kits to China immediately. We will set up individual messages for a twitter thunderstorm targeting Marc Casper, the week of AGM. 

Take action now!

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