Tibet Network Membership

Membership of the Tibet Network is open to all Tibet related non-governmental organisations with a commitment to non-violence. Since the start of 2020 we have delivered expert knowledge and advice, capacity building training and strategic campaign plans, materials and resources to our Members. This has included:

  • New and Updated Campaigns including NoBeijing2022Free Tibetan Heroes - Cancel China Propaganda - Free Panchen Lama - Tibet Climate Crisis
  • Online Briefings and Expert Trainings on China's coronavirus agenda and propaganda, Confucius Institutes, Tibetan political prisoners Strategic Communications, Supporter Communications and UN Advocacy
  • Information Exchanges and Support via small group sessions, a weekly online 'Get Together' and the provision of a daily News Digest during the intense months of March and April.

We respect the range of views and opinions of all Member organisations, from Umey Lam to Rangzen, and believe this diversity strengthens our movement.

Why become a member of the International Tibet Network?  We are by far the largest coalition of Tibet-related organisations. Our large and diverse membership represents not only the strength of the Tibet movement but more importantly signifies a commitment to coordination among Tibet groups. Currently there are about 120 Member Groups from 50 different countries.

“What would happen if Tibet Network ceased to exist? The world would lose a critical vehicle for not only mobilizing support to protect Tibetans’ rights, but also for informing people about what’s happening in that region at a time when information flows are drying up and ties are being cut.  It would also bring an end to nuanced, tailored training on sophisticated, strategic, and enduring advocacy capacity for Tibetans and their supporters around the world. ” 

Sophie Richardson, China Director, Human Rights Watch