Release Tibetan Environment Activist: A-Nya Sengdra

URGENT: A-Nya Sengdra's trial will start on 5 December 2019 - he is facing up to 10-years for a crime he did not commit

A-Nya Sengdra, a Tibetan nomad and environmental activist, was detained and beaten by Chinese security officers in Amdo, Eastern Tibet, in September 2018. He was later charged with “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” and “gathering people to disturb public order, when he was simply resisting China's failed Tibet policies and pressing for environmental protections and end to local authority corruption. 

For the first 48 days of his detention, A-Nya was denied access to his lawyer. When his lawyer was finally granted access, he reported that A-Nya was in extremely poor health.

A-Nya Sengdra has committed no crime under Chinese or international law and should be immediately freed.

TAKE ACTION - Contact the Chinese Minister of Justice urging they release A-Nya Sengdra immediately.

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