Stop Damming in Tibet #TibetClimateCrisis

Tibet is the source of most of Asia’s great rivers. An estimated 1.5 billion people - a fifth of the global population - depend upon them for water security in 11 downstream nations. The fragile Tibetan Plateau is melting - warming three times faster than the rest of the world - and under severe threat from climate change. 8 billion tonnes of glacial ice are being lost each year, putting people downstream at risk from floods, water shortages and sea level rises, threatening coastal communities and habitats.
In this age of #ClimateCrisis, China is building mega dams on all major Tibetan rivers - to address its internal water crisis and to generate hydro-power. Often built in seismically active areas, they not only disrupt already-overstressed water supplies of hundreds of millions of people in south and southeast Asia, but displace thousands of Tibetans, and damage the region’s river ecosystems. 

Call on China TO STOP Damming Tibet!

To Li Ganjie, Minister of Ecology and Environment, People's Republic of China
China's policies of damming Tibet's rivers are exacerbating the impacts of climate change on a fragile Plateau. 
I urge you to immediately stop building mega-dams on the Tibetan Plateau and to make sure that Tibetans, living as they do on the frontline of climate change, are part of the global discussion about solutions to the Climate Crisis.