Stop Damming in Tibet

Tibet holds the third largest store of fresh water in the world, providing water to 1.5 billion people in Asia. 

For China, Tibet's water is simply another resource to be exploited, for hydro-electric power, diversion to supply people elsewhere in China, bottling as a consumer product, and even as a source of strategic influence over countries downstream who rely on water from Tibet's rivers.

Building mega dams on all major Tibetan rivers, China is responsible for displacing millions of Tibetan nomads from their homes, damaging the region’s river ecosystems, and severely disrupting already-overstressed water supplies of hundreds of millions of people in south and southeast Asia.


To Li Ganjie, Minister of Ecology and Environment, People's Republic of China

China's policies of damming Tibet's rivers are exacerbating the impacts of climate change on a fragile Plateau. 

I urge you to immediately stop building mega-dams on the Tibetan Plateau and to make sure that Tibetans, living as they do on the frontline of climate change, are part of the global discussion about solutions to the Climate Crisis.



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