Support Tibet

As China escalates the oppression of the Tibetan people we’re working with global Tibet groups to push back but we desperately need your support. 

This year we have seen a number of great victories for the Tibet movement but we need to do to counter the Chinese government's mass global push of their propaganda and their control over the lives of Tibetans. 

We've been told categorically that the success we are seeing is linked directly to the external pressure from campaigners - pressure that has been built by working jointly and strategically across Tibet groups and with the committed support of people like you.

Please make a donation today to help us increase our success. Here’s some of what we’ll be doing:

1. Building our challenge against China’s propaganda drive to ensure that Tibetan voices are heard.
2. Organising online briefings to extend the knowledge of China's false reporting about the occupation in Tibet.
3. Supporting multiple Tibet groups to develop strong, successful advocacy work with Governments and UN Mechanisms to generate robust criticism of China's crackdown in Tibet.
4. Working to press for the safe release of countless Tibetans who are imprisoned for everyday acts we take for granted.

Please give what you can to help support this vital work in 2021.