Tibet Climate Crisis

Lobsang Yangtso escaped from Tibet when she was just 9 years old, leaving behind her beautiful homeland.

Now she is an environment and climate crisis expert, with a PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University and she works for International Tibet Network to help increase the knowledge of Tibet’s climate crisis that has for too long been a forgotten part of the conversation. 

Most people have heard the reports of the dangers associated with the meltdown of the Arctic and Antarctic, but have heard little about the serious meltdown in Tibet and the fact that it is warming three times faster than anywhere else on the earth.

Lobsang is attending the important climate summit, COP27 in Egypt, along with a team of other Tibetans. Together they will be sounding the alarm about Tibet’s importance and Tibetans' struggle against climate change.

Like the Arctic and the Amazon, Tibet is truly at the frontline of the global climate crisis. Recent scientific studies show that 8 billion tonnes of ice in this area are being lost every year and the freshwater glaciers are being decapitated - shrinking in height by 5 metres annually. 

But, as you know, the illegal occupation of Tibet has removed access for Tibetans to work towards finding solutions to the threats posed by the climate crisis that is impacting the six million Tibetans in Tibet and further billions of people living downstream.

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