Unite for Tibet

World Leaders | Unite For Tibet

China's failed policies have created a human right crisis in Tibet. We believe there is a diplomatic solution if governments collectively pressure China to build a solution for Tibet.

Please sign the petition below and urge world leaders to Unite for Tibet.
A Solution for Tibet
I urge that you, as representatives of the world's most influential countries, jointly address the deteriorating human rights situation in Tibet.
It is a critical time in Tibet. China continues to intensify its grip on Tibet by imposing severe limitations on freedom of expression and opinion, by detaining non-violent protesters without judicial process, and by interfering with cultural expression and religious tradition to the point where Tibetans believe their very existence as a people is at risk. In the past five years the situation has caused at least 150 Tibetans across the plateau, young and old, to set fire to their own bodies in protest against China’s rule.
I appeal to you to seize this crucial time to start collective action for Tibet, to build pressure on China to end the current crackdown on the Tibetan people and to re-enter negotiations with representatives of the Dalai Lama in order to find a peaceful resolution for the Tibetan people.