Unite for Tibet

Over 150 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in Tibet in protest against China's failed policies

Please sign the petition to World Leaders, urging they Unite for Tibet:
I urge they take a united stand on the crisis situation in Tibet. 
For far too long, Tibet has been a laboratory for systematic repression; a place where Chinese authorities have tested, and sought to perfect, systems of mass surveillance and control - and to create the ultimate police state. 
Year after year Tibet is ranked at the top of the list of worst places for freedom and human rights, second only to Syria. Every aspect of Tibetan life is under siege and China enforces its control on Tibet through the threat and use of arbitrary detentions and punishments, at times including severe violence. Any act deemed to threaten its rule can be made a criminal offence. 
In the past five years the situation has caused at least 150 Tibetans across the plateau, young and old, to set fire to their own bodies in protest against China’s brutal rule.
I appeal to you to work with like-minded governments to enact a bold, new global approach to find a solution to this critical situation and a peaceful resolution for the Tibetan people.