1st October is Chinese National Day an annual 'celebration' of Mao Zedong's establishment of the People's Republic of China. But as celebrations take place many nationalities will NOT BE CELEBRATING!

  • Occupied Tibet remains one of the most repressive regions in the world, with Tibetans subjected to severe restrictions on their freedoms;
  • Uyghurs face a harrowing genocide;
  • Southern Mongolians continue to endure forced erasure of their cultural heritage;
  • Hong Kong mourns the loss of fundamental freedoms under the shadow of totalitarian rule;
  • Taiwan faces geopolitical bullying and continues to lives under constant threat, facing aggression.

The Chinese Communist Party's occupations and systematic destruction of cultures and crackdowns on fundamental freedoms and human rights are evident.

Now more than ever, it is imperative for governments and world leaders to recognise the grave threat to democracy, freedom, and human rights posed by the Chinese Communist Party.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Join the VIRTUAL PROTEST at The Great Hall of the People in Beijing and call global attention to China's tyrannical ways! Simply add your name and message and we will place your pin amongst the crowd to join thousands of people from around the globe - all standing up to #ResistChina!

  • CA Woeser L 27.11.2023 12:18
  • Tibet must be free from the Chinese occupation! Tibet must realize freedom. The Tibetan children must be liberated! All the Tibetan people, living in Tibet and around the Planet Earth need harmony, freedom and opportunities to prevent China from harming Tibet. Tibet needs freedom, language, the Tibetan Buddhism religion returned to the Tibetans. Around the world there are many oppressed people that must become free. The people are the Native Americans that are oppressed by the American government and corporations. The Jewish people that are abused by the Palestinians, Hamas, Hizballah. These people must fight back and get liberated and know true independence. Tibet must become a member of the United Nations, NATO and World Economic Union and its need true freedom, always and forever. US Alex T 25.11.2023 21:34
  • AU Janine V 04.11.2023 06:57
  • boed gyalo CH peter n 31.10.2023 14:25
  • FR Nicole C 31.10.2023 12:41
  • Debiera especificarse el limite de estas naciones, garantizando de esta manera la integridad de cada una de ellas, Mao fundo una república, pero las otras naciones tienen el mismo derecho a existir y preservar su patrimonio social y cultural, como lo ha hecho China, todas estas naciones deben buscar una solucion definitiva y pacifica donde todos puedan vivir en paz y solidaridad. VE Wilmer J. Q S 27.10.2023 21:07