Free Lhamo Kyab

Lhamo Kyab, a highly respected primary school teacher from Nagchu, Central Tibet, was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2010 accused of “endangering state security” around the 2008 Tibetan uprising. 

Lhamo Kyab was taken away late at night, from a school where she was working, with a black cloth over her head. She was first taken to her home by Chinese security personnel who searched through her family possessions, and then to a "secret" detention centre where she was interrogated her about "alleged involvement in political activities." No explanation was given to her family why she was being taken. 

Lhamo Kyab was kept in secret detention for nearly two years, without contact with her family or a lawyer, and in January 2010 approximately eighteen months after detention, a court sentenced Lhamo Kyab to 15 years in prison. 

Her whereabouts or medical condition are unknown after 8 years in detention.

Call on China to release Lhamo Kyab immediately

To: Chen Quanguo, TAR Party Secretary, Lobsang Jamcan, TAR Chairman, and Li Dongping, Rong Sheng, TAR Justice Department Director-General

I urge you to:

• Immediately release Lhamo Kyab on the basis that the charges against her are unfounded. The state has provided no evidence that Lhamo Kyab’s conviction was based upon due legal process or principles of justice established in international law;

• Respect the fundamental right to freedom of expression, including with respect to those who peacefully express criticism of the government or views that are contrary to the state policies.

• Ensure Lhamo Kyab receives any specialized medical care she may require, has regular access to a lawyer of her choice, and is allowed access to her family;