#NoBeijing2022 - Help our success!

In the last 12 months, we've spearheaded the campaign to push back against China's hosting of the Winter Olympics - and it's working! 

The next month is critical and has the potential to build the Tibetan Freedom Movement and move the campaign for a free Tibet forwards. 

Please give what you can today to support the movement at this important time.

$15 / €13 |  Can help us organise a vital media briefing with Tibetan, Uyghurs, and other rights groups

$50 / €45 |  Can help pay for one of our 30 Days - 30 Action for No Beijing 2022 in January

$108 / €95 | Can go towards supporting a Tibet group to take part in the global action

Tibet Network exists to strengthen the work of Tibet groups, associations, and communities around the world - bringing us all together to amplify action for Tibet and bring freedom to the Tibetan people.