Protect Tibetan Children

As many as one million Tibetan children & youth –  as young as 6 years old – are held by Chinese authorities in colonial boarding schools, removed from their parents, families, culture, and religion, and faced with intense political indoctrination.

"I know of children aged four to five who don’t want to be separated from their mothers. They are forced to go to boarding schools. In some cases, the children cry for days, sticking to their mother’s laps, begging not to be sent away and even refusing to go back," said one Tibetan witness in eastern Tibet.

In China's colonial boarding schools, Tibetan children are forced to learn in Mandarin, subjected to patriotic education, and removed from their family and culture.

This spine-chilling practice is similar to historic residential schools for indigenous children in Canada, the US, and Australia that aimed to destroy their indigenous language, culture, and identity. We can’t let this happen again. 

TAKE ACTION - Send an urgent message to Chinese leaders Vice Premier, Sun Chunlan 孙春兰 and Minister of Education, Chen Baosheng 陈宝生

  • Leslie L 15.01.2024 20:41