Protect Tibetan Language Rights

China is replacing Tibetan-language schooling with education almost entirely in Chinese and coercing parents to send their children to faraway residential schools in a renewed effort to eliminate the Tibetan identity.

In these residential schools, Tibetan children are forced to learn in Mandarian, subjected to patriotic education, and removed from their family and culture. Hundreds of new Tibetan Kindergartens are now also required to teach in Chinese, as the authorities move to target children as young as 3 or 4 years old during their most critical years of language development.

Tibetans have expressed widespread concern about the increased crackdown on Tibetan language rights and the resulting loss of fluency among the younger generation. In 2010, thousands of students and teachers marched in the streets, shouting slogans like “We want freedom for Tibetan language.” These brave students stood up for Tibetan language rights.

They succeeded, temporarily, but today their schools are again under attack.

Now, Tibetans need help to fight back against these racist policies and to keep the Tibetan language and culture alive and thriving.

TAKE ACTION - Send an urgent message to Chinese leaders Vice Premier, Sun Chunlan 孙春兰 and Minister of Education, Chen Baosheng 陈宝生