UPDATE 22 December: Gonpo Kyi Released

Eight days after she and her husband, Choekyong, were arbitrarily detained Gonpo Kyi was released. Choekyong was released a few days before.

Details about their experiences during detention and treatment in custody are still not known and we will share any updates as soon as they are available.

URGENT: Gonpo Kyi Detained

Gonpo Kyi, sister of Tibetan political prisoner Dorjee Tashi, has been detained by Chinese police in Lhasa on 13 December 2023.

Reports have been received that Gonpo Kyi and her husband, Choekyong, were in Lhasa to urge officials to release her brother who has been in prison since 2008 and is known to be in extremely ill health. 

The pair were detained and taken to a police station in Lhasa. 

The exact whereabouts are currently unknown and there is serious concern for her wellbeing. 

Gonpo Kyi has been pressing for the release of her brother and over the past year has been violently assaulted by security personnel on multiple occasions.

TAKE ACTION: Call on Wang Junzheng, TAR Party Secretary, to release Gonpo Kyi and Choekyong immediately.