Release Yeshe Choedron

Yeshe Choedron is serving a 15 year prison sentence wrongly accused of 'espionage'.


A retired medical doctor and mother, Yeshe Choedron was detained in March 2008 after widescale protests broke out in Lhasa.


On 7 November 2008, the Lhasa People’s Intermediate Court sentenced Yeshe Choedron to 15 years’ imprisonment for allegedly providing “intelligence and information harmful to the security and interests of the state” to “the Dalai clique’s security department”. No more details are known, other than that her case related to the Lhasa protests of March 2008.


The Lhasa Evening News, a government run newspaper, reported that the court convicted Yeshe Choedron of “espionage” (Criminal Law, Art. 110), and claimed that the Tibetan Government in Exile had “assigned” her a task and provided her with “financial aid.”


Tibetan sources who know Yeshe Choedron report that Yeshe Choedron has not been able to see her children since her sentencing.


Call on China to release Yeshe Choedron immediately.

  • Lucy R 30.05.2024 12:41