Dorjee Tashi, a well-known Tibetan hotel owner, was accused of sheltering Tibetan protestors in his hotel and making a donation to the Tibetan community in exile, as part of the Chinese government's response to the 2008 Tibetan uprising. He was sentenced to life imprisonment after a secret trial in 2010- even though there was no evidence of "his crimes."

He has suffered horrific torture, including electric baton beatings, suffocation simulations, and sleep deprivation. His health is rapidly deteriorating, and his family fears for his survival.

His sister Gonpo Kyi has been holding a relentless series of protests in Tibet calling for justice for Dorjee Tashi! Her non-violent protests have been shut down by Chinese authorities, and she has been physically abused and detained on multiple occasions.
Undeterred, she continues to protest until he is released.
TAKE ACTION - Join Gonpo Kyi via a VIRTUAL PROTEST to call for his urgent release!
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