Narendra Modi | Take Action for Tibet's Rivers

Tibet is the source of 10 major river systems in Asia; the Brahmaputra, Karnali, Sutlej, Indus, Arun and Norbu Lakchu all flow from Tibet into India.

Moreover, China’s policies of infrastructure development, mining and rapid urbanization have aggravated environmental degradation across Tibet impacting the quantity and quality of water resources which affect multiple downstream nations including India. China is building mega-dams and water diversion projects at an unprecedented rate on all major Tibetan rivers disrupting already overstressed water supplies of millions of people in downstream nations in South and Southeast Asia.

China’s fast-paced large hydropower and water diversion projects on the Tibetan Plateau have already started impacting water quality and freshwater fish in Tibet. If these dam projects continue operation or are implemented at the current rate, the water security of nearly 1.4 billion people downstream will be heavily compromised.

India can play a vital role in ensuring responsible and ethical use of Tibet's rivers for all eleven downstream nations by expressing concern over the unsustainable development of Tibet's water resources.


Urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi to raise concerns about China's environmental policies in Tibet and adverse impacts on India with Chinese President Xi Jinping at two forthcoming summits; G20 China and BRICS India