Narendra Modi | Take Action for Tibet's Rivers

Ten of India’s sacred rivers originate in Tibet - Brahmaputra, Karnali, Sutlej, Indus, Arun and Norbu Lakchu all flow from Tibet into India - and they are in danger.

Since occupying Tibet, China’s rapid infrastructure development, mining and urbanization has aggravated environmental degradation across the Himalayan region, desecrating the rivers and affecting India’s quantity and quality of water resources.

China is building mega-dams and water diversion projects at an unprecedented rate on all major Tibetan rivers disrupting already overstressed water supplies of millions of people in downstream nations in South and Southeast Asia.

If these dam projects continue operation or are implemented at the current rate, the water security of nearly 1.4 billion people downstream will be heavily compromised. 

India can play a vital role in protection of these sacred rivers by raising  concern over the unsustainable development of Tibet's water resources. The Indian Government must ensure responsible and ethical use of Tibet's rivers. 

Urge Prime Minister Narendra Modi to use India’s presidency of the G20 to raise serious concerns about China's environmental policies in Tibet and adverse impacts on India and other downstream nations.

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