Donate to International Tibet Network

The Chinese government is using the corona outbreak as a cover to ramp up its oppression of the Tibetan people. We’re working with global Tibet groups to push back but we desperately need your support. 

In recent weeks Chinese authorities have stepped up their use of force and violence to restrict the freedom of Tibetan people. 

The oppression of free speech and religion is dangerous even outside of a global health crisis, but as we have seen, China’s suppression of information during the pandemic could cost thousands of lives. The Chinese government is prioritising their propaganda and control over the lives of Tibetans. 

Here’s what we’ll be doing to push back against China’s violence and oppression:

  1. Developing global, joint actions with Tibet Groups across five continents including urging the UN Human Rights Commissioner to seek unfettered access to Tibet as part of her visit to China.
  2. Organising high level briefings with UN experts to raise the voices of Tibetans in Tibet who are not able to attend UN forums.
  3. Supporting global Tibet groups to take part in strong advocacy work with your Governments to generate robust criticism of China's crackdown in Tibet.
  4. Challenge China’s propaganda drive to ensure that Tibetan voices are heard.

Please give what you can to help support this critical and time-sensitive work.

“What would happen if Tibet Network ceased to exist?  The world would lose a critical vehicle for not only mobilizing support to protect Tibetans’ rights, but also for informing people about what’s happening in that region at a time when information flows are drying up and ties are being cut.  It would also bring an end to nuanced, tailored training on sophisticated, strategic, and enduring advocacy capacity for Tibetans and their supporters around the world. ” 

Sophie Richardson, China Director, Human Rights Watch