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Tibet Network strive to empower the global Tibet Movement and support inspirational activists. In the past 12 months we have pushed back against the shrinking space for action on Tibet, and pressed global leaders, the United Nations, the media and some of the world most powerful companies to stand up for freedom and stand up for Tibet. 


  • 19 / €17 | Can help support a global urgent campaign to protect Tibetans at risk of imprisonment
  • $39 / €35 | Can help give vital support for Tibetans to speak out about the situation in Tibet at the UN
  • $100 / €90 | Can contribute towards launching a global campaign against torture in Tibet

“What would happen if Tibet Network ceased to exist?  The world would lose a critical vehicle for not only mobilizing support to protect Tibetans’ rights, but also for informing people about what’s happening in that region at a time when information flows are drying up and ties are being cut.  It would also bring an end to nuanced, tailored training on sophisticated, strategic, and enduring advocacy capacity for Tibetans and their supporters around the world. ” 

Sophie Richardson, China Director, Human Rights Watch

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