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Tibet has been illegally occupied by China for over 70 years and is by Freedom House as the least free place in the world, alongside Syria. 

International Tibet Network is a dynamic organisation that supports Tibet Groups around the world to campaign against China's occupation and for an end to the political and human rights crisis in Tibet. 

Please make a donation to our work and help us further strengthen the Tibetan Freedom Movement.

Together we are successfully pushing back against China’s violence and oppression. Please give what you can to help support this critical and time-sensitive work.

“What would happen if Tibet Network ceased to exist?  The world would lose a critical vehicle for not only mobilizing support to protect Tibetans’ rights, but also for informing people about what’s happening in that region at a time when information flows are drying up and ties are being cut.  It would also bring an end to nuanced, tailored training on sophisticated, strategic, and enduring advocacy capacity for Tibetans and their supporters around the world. ” 

Sophie Richardson, China Director, Human Rights Watch