Help us challenge Thermo Fisher CEO in person

Fighting for freedom in Tibet is in our DNA and we have a key opportunity NEXT WEEK to push against China's ongoing brutality.

China is stealing the DNA of Tibetans - including children - and over 1.2 million Tibetans' personal data has been stolen to create a mass surveillance database. And this big steal is being supported by the US company Thermo Fisher which is supplying the DNA kits.

Thermo Fisher’s Annual General Meeting of shareholders is next Wednesday, and we have exciting plans to spread our message all over its hometown of Boston on the day. But we need your help to make it happen.

We've already got a spot at the AGM for Tibetan activist Tenzin Yangzom to question Thermo Fisher CEO Marc Casper directly. She will be there to put him under the spotlight for his failure to end the sale of DNA kits to Chinese authorities in occupied Tibet. 

For months, Thermo Fisher has ignored us so now we are bringing the campaign to their AGM because we know that our demands will be hard to ignore in front of their shareholders.

But pulling off a moment like this takes a lot of preparation and money. Can you make a donation to help cover some of the costs, such as our mobile billboard, banners, and creative actions?