Stop China stealing Tibetan DNA

Fighting for freedom in Tibet is in our DNA and we are making urgent plans to push against China's ongoing brutality.

China is stealing the DNA of Tibetans - including children - and over 1.2 million Tibetans' personal data has been stolen to create a mass surveillance database. And this big steal is being supported by the US company Thermo Fisher which is supplying the DNA kits.

Thermo Fisher is the company that is helping China do this by supplying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of DNA kits to the government of China - even though they have a track record of appalling human rights abuses in Tibet.

Now we are urgently gearing up to deliver an even stronger and louder message! We're making plans that Thermo Fisher will not be able to ignore.

Thermo Fisher must be stopped. Can you donate today to help us with this vital work?