Protect Tibetans, End the Dege Crackdown!

Over 1,000* Tibetans, including monks and local residents, have been detained in Tibet by Chinese police following peaceful protests against the building of a massive dam that will displace thousands, and destroy important cultural heritage sites.

This already worrying situation is escalating; newly obtained undercover footage shows the mass deployment of Chinese armed police (PAP) to the area to enforce the crackdown.  


TAKE ACTION: Call on world leaders to demand China immediately and unconditionally release ALL detained Tibetans and halt the build-up of armed police in the area. 

By taking action you will call on governments from all G7 countries plus Australia, India, Norway, and Sweden, to join together to protect Tibetans.

*Radio Free Asia have reported that some of the hundreds of monks and other Tibetans detained have been released and that Tenzin Sangpo, a senior administrator at Wontoe Monastery, and Tenzin, a village official, accused of being 'ringleaders' remain in detention. 

We continue to demand that all peaceful protesters are released.