Stöd överklagandet av domen mot Tashi Wangchuk

IMPORTANT: Release Tashi Wangchuk

33-year-old store owner and language activist Tashi Wangchuk bravely fought against Chinese authorities for the right to education in Tibetan. This humble request cost him five years in prison, with an estimated release in January 2021. Join in demanding his immediate release.

Tashi Wangchuk was arrested on January 27, 2016 and the trial against him was held on January 4, 2018. According to the exaggerated accusations against him, he has 'incited to separatism', after he publicly told about China's failure to defend the basic human right to education.

On May 22, 2018, Tashi Wangchuk was sentenced to five years in prison despite not committing any crime under international law or Chinese law. China's evidence against Tashi consisted of a short documentary by the New York Times about Tashi's campaign for Tibetan language education in schools.

Tashi's lawyer plans to appeal the illegal sentence and the five-year sentence. Adding your signature can help us get him free.

Urge the five governments that tried to follow Tashi's trial - the EU, US, UK, Germany and Canada - to get them to pressure China for Tashi Wangchuks immediate and unconditional release.

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